Mr. Mong Wing Cheung was an entrepreneur well ahead of his time, who had the business acumen to identify and develop the successful business relationship with various brands and products serving our customers needs. Under the leadership of his son, Mr. Mong Man Sun, the company has grown steadily in size and business network. With the solid foundation passing on from his grandfather and father, Mr. Chris Mong has become the company’s CEO in 2014. With his expertise in communication and mobile technologies, he has injected technology to the company such as the ERP System, digital system enhancements to operations, online marketing, sales and promotions to ensure continuous upgrade of the company to meet customers’ needs and demands.


About Mr Chris Mong

Serving GoWithYou as Chief Architect for over 15 years, Chris brought in over a decade of mixture of GSM mobility and Internet technology knowledge-base for advanced mobile interactive and multimedia visual services and applications creation and commercialisation. His main duty and responsibility is focusing on strategy service creation, software platform design, advanced technologies utilization and intuitive user experience product research and development.

From 1998-2000, Chris served Mandarin Communication Limited, SUNDAY 1900 PCS GSM Operator, as service strategist and was responsible for creating lifestyle oriented mobile value added services for mass consumers. During the two and half years, he had conceptualized and implemented various successful Value Added Services such as Mobile Cupid, Mobile Jukebox (song dedication), mobile banking, mobile booking services and the SUNDAY.COM portal. He had also played a major role in product development planning and roadmap that was instrumental in propelling SUNDAY’s IPO process in 1999.

Chris was the Chief Technology Officer of Pangaea Information System Corporation in Los Angeles. The company focused its business in systems integrations and three-tier web based application development for SME clients. PISCORP is one of the first waves of developer concentrating on client/server application development over the Internet. Key clients include flight delivery brokerages, AAAA Insurance agents, architectural firms, entertainment industries, private dentistry and construction companies.