APFE 2017 Highlights

Together with NICHIBAN Co., Ltd., Mongson has participated in the largest Expo in Asia for adhesive tape and highly functional film. We aim to introduce the Nichiban brand and products to visitors through product exhibitions, supplier interviews, interactions between suppliers and visitors, and partnership forum. The ultimate objective is to generate sales leads and to evaluate the market situation.

Visitors were being attended by booth staff, suppliers, distributors and Mongson’s team
Panfix and Nichiban Product Display Area
Visitor testing Nichiban and Panfix products
Mr. Oshika patiently explaining the process and material used in tape development
Staff, suppliers and distributors sitting together to exchange product and market information
Visitors were attended by booth staff to answer questions
Mongson’s Booth in The 13th Shanghai International Adhesive Tape, Protective Films & Optical Film Expo (APFE). Booth include product display areas, sample experience center, a stage, reception and tables to host discussions between suppliers, visitors, distributors and Mongson.
From left to right: Mr. Harry Hui (Director, Li Tung Book and Stationery Co., Ltd.), Mr. Keiji Kobayashi (Supervisor, Nichiban Co., Ltd.), Mr.Isao Nakmura (General Manager, Nichiban Co., Ltd.), Mr. Chris Mong (CEO, Mongson Trading Co., Ltd.), Mr. Tony Zhou, and Mr.Kevin Chan (Sales & Marketing Manager, Tak Ming Book Store Ltd.) coming together for a group photo
Panfix dump-bin program display
2016 Panfix Outstanding Distributor plague presentation to Li Tung Book and Stationery Co., Ltd.
2016 Panfix Outstanding Distributor Plague presentation to Tak Ming Book Store Ltd.
Interviewing Mr. Nakamura from Nichiban during Partnership forum
Partnership forum was recorded and widely played in Mongson’s booth to enhance product knowledge of various products
Mongson’s team with Mr. Zhou from Li Tung Industrial Development Limited
Interviewing Mr. Oshika (Director) from Union Thai-Nichiban Co., Ltd. during partnership forum
Partnership forum was recorded and widely played in Mongson’s booth to enhance product knowledge
Partnership forum in progress
Mr. Oshika giving product insights of Panfix products
Mr. Oshika
Panfix products nicely displayed in product experience area for visitors to sample
Mr. Oshika giving a thorough Panfix product introduction to visitors
Mr. Oshika introducing Panfix 423 cellulose tape
Mongson’s team promoting Nichiban and Panfix products to a visitor
Booth staff patiently and thoroughly answering visitors’ questions about products
Staff, suppliers, distributors joining together for a group photo
This year we have large number of visitors coming to our booth to find out more about Nichiban and Panfix products